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It all starts with the idea that flows into getting a script; a few people sit together to create an experience of a lifetime.

Imagine you have just finished your work. You look at the watch. It’s 5pm, and you are tired like never before. It was a productive day, but it was also exhausting. You just have one idea about what you created that day. You had a few calls, working on your dream project, and are a step closer to reaching your goal.

As soon as you escape your world of work again, you are interrupted by a call. The call is for an interview. You feel a sense of validation that your dream project is finally surfacing in the eyes of many who see it as a milestone. You think about the experience you can create through this interview.

What does the actual process look like?

The process of shooting an interview experience you wish to create is long. Several elements are required for an immersive experience of capturing a person telling a story sitting on a chair in front of the camera and talking about what matters to them.

You enter the place and get started with the interview. You see a lot of issues and errors with the entire process while filming, but when you watch it, you are more invested than ever.

You watch the video after publishing, which is as good as it can be. You search for flaws, but what you see is mere perfection. The bewildering experience of seeing yourself on a screen with the presence so smooth it takes your breath away. You remember how amazed you were while seeing your dream interviews. And now you have one of your own.